Balloon Decor

Using balloons for decor has an advantage over other methods in that one can create wonderful effects, utilizing any theme, fill more space, and do it more cheaply than any other method.  There are even further advantages one gets from using Sideshow Entertainment:  The Amazing Christopher can also utilize advanced balloon twisting skills (which not every balloon decorator has) to add to the decor.

What this means is that instead of having to hunt (or pay someone to hunt) for particularly themed pieces for the decorations, the Amazing Christopher can instead twist them, saving you time and money.

For instance, the bride and groom shown on this page.  Other decorators might have had to visit many different craft stores to find a top hat for the groom to wear or special order it if they couldn't find it.  However, only 20 minutes work produces an intricately woven balloon top hat for our groom to wear.

The same is true of the bouquet the balloon bride is holding.  These sculptures were made for a couple whose wedding colors were red, black, and white, and I suggested rosebuds would make a nice-looking bouquet.  Once again, after less than an hour's work, the bride was holding her bouquet saving the wedding party time, money, and the stress of finding suitable non-balloon decorations.

You can see more decoration photos by looking at the "Decor" album on the Photographs page.

  • "The Amazing Christopher is the Da Vinci of balloon twisters!"
    • Katie Plohocky, Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement Fair, Tulsa, OK

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