It turns out that balloon twisting is an incredibly environmentally- friendly activity.  Latex balloons are 100% biodegradable (taking about the same time to biodegrade as an oak leaf does under similar conditions) and are made from cutting the bark of rubber trees to collect the latex sap (similar to how maple syrup is harvested). 

This process doesn't hurt the tree, and the demand for balloons and other latex products actually discourages deforestation of rain forests (where rubber trees grow), and the people/businesses who own those trees don't want to cut them down.

Balloon litter is not a significant problem either.  In a 1992 nationwide beach cleanup that collected trash from over more than 4,600 miles of shoreline, less than 32,000 balloon scraps were found - approximately 4 regular trashbags worth compared to 614,433 bottles and cans.

Helium filled latex balloons, if released, will rise to a height of about 5 miles where they freeze and  break into spaghetti-like strands that fall back to earth, scattering over a large area.  Occasionally animals do eat these scraps, but evidence indicates that they pass through the animals' digestive tract without causing harm.  The Amazing Christopher owns 3 ferrets, and  while he's usually very successful in keeping them away from his balloons, one of them got a hold of and chewed to pieces a balloon that had fallen on the living room floor, and he was fine.

To help keep his business environmentally-friendly as well as deal with rising gas prices, Sideshow Entertainment uses a Ford E250 Cargo Van that runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) instead of gasoline.  CNG is the same type of gas that is used to heat homes, and it burns more cleanly than regular gas, is easier on engines, and gets the same mpg as regular gas without sacrificing performance.  America is also the largest producer of CNG (and Oklahoma one of the biggest producing states) so using CNG and other alternate gas vehicles encourages the creation of American jobs and helps ease our dependence on foreign oil.

If you see the Amazing Christopher out driving his van, honk.  You just might get a balloon twisted for you!

  • "The Amazing Christopher is the Da Vinci of balloon twisters!"
    • Katie Plohocky, Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement Fair, Tulsa, OK

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