About Amazing Christopher

The Amazing Christopher's style of entertainment is well-suited for just about any event - children's birthday parties, grand openings, large corporate events, and more.   Along with making great balloon sculptures, outfitting everyone with wild balloon hats, and performing close-up magic, Christopher will keep people laughing and enjoying themselves with his off-kilter brand of humor. 

At large public and private events, children of all ages and adults will want one of his balloon sculptures and will be entertained while it gets twisted before their very eyes.  If balloons aren't a person's thing, he or she can still be amazed by some close-up magic.  When twisting for large events, the Amazing Christopher always carries cards, coins, and a few other small props with which he makes big impressions using sneaky sleight-of-hand.  Cards are found in amazing ways; coins jump from one hand to another, and small rabbits multiply right in the hands of spectators.

Children's Birthday Parties are made even more fun when the Amazing Christopher arrives with his trunk of magic.  Both children and adults will be fooled and laughing hard during the show.  There's plenty of audience participation, and the birthday boy or girl will get to be the star of the show when he or she helps with the grand finale!  After the show, it's time for balloons!  The birthday boy or girl always gets two special balloons - a surprise balloon at the beginning of balloon time and another special gift one right before Christopher departs.  Both of these sculptures are anywhere from five to 25 balloons and are pre-made and hidden away before the show.  The balloon at the end is normally a favorite cartoon character of the birthday child.  Spongebob, Spider-Man, the Disney Princesses, Lightning McQueen, and Mater are just a few of the recent ones parents have requested.  Let your imagination run wild!

Along with the parents of many birthday boys and girls, here are a few groups who have counted on the Amazing Christopher to make their events special.

  • "Words do not express our true gratitude for your wonderful contribution. You really helped make our event extraordinary! Thank you!!"
    • Nancy Hatfield, Development Director, Child Abuse Network. You Can Be a Kid Again, Tulsa, OK

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